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skiing area Les Deux Alpes


Les Deux Alpes is a very well-known winter-sport resort in France. The relative southern position of the skiing area provide a pleasant Mediterranean climate and countless sun hours. A special quality in this region is the spacious useful glacier of Europe, the glacier de la Girose, on which is, until the warm months of the year, ski pleasure guarantied. Les Deux Alpes offers two ski-mountains, die East- and West slope, and with that a tremendous amount of possibilities.
A other special quality is the picturesque village Les Deux Alpes self. There one can find a multitude of different style schools, the impressing French town architecture and in the background the most southern Four thousand of the Alps, the Barre des Ecrins. A credit point is certainly the position of the village, because only less meters cut the person doing winter-sports off his terrain – the white ski run.
The skiing area Les Deux Alpes offers Diversion and fun for everyone: comfortable ski runs for the whole family, medium ski runs for the youth and a little bit more demanding ski runs for professionals. Especially the downhill run from Dome de la Lauze above the glacier to the village La Grave in 1450 meters is a challenge and is gladly used of persons doing active winter-sports. Also snowboarders can get there of their money worth. A snowpark and wide ski runs present beginners and professionals enough space for their training.

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